Sanshin Kako is a leading manufacturer of dishes for school and hospitals meals

Sanshin Kako leads the industry with a wide variety of safe, innovative products of the highest quality.
It is proven by the fact that the dishes of Sanshin Kako are most frequently used for school and hospital meals in Japan We offer a large number of items that are different number of shape, material and size to cater to the unique needs of school, hospitals , care centers or company cafeterias.
The number of items amount to as many as 2000.

"Universal design" was advocated by Ronald Mace, an American architect with disabilities in the 1970s. The concept is "creation of products / environments that anyone can use, regardless of all physique, age, degree of disability."
In order for more people to enjoy eating comfortably.
We are developing products that take ease of use into consideration, making policy of "safe" and "safe" policy. I studied repeatedly how to make it easier to use, and devised each shape, color and material. Universal series "Yuyu", we will support so that more people can enjoy eating comfortably.

Dishes · small bowls (melamine tableware, reinforced porcelain)

It is the tableware easy to hold, easy to scoop ingredients, has a sense of stability of tableware, long seller that emphasizes basic operation.

Easy to hold with hands.

To make it easy to hold the border wider. Can be held it firmly.

It is easy to scoop with one hand.

We made deep bottom so that "scooping motion" could be done smoothly, devised the angle of the side.

We added slip stop processing on the bottom of dish.

Because dishes are less slippery, you can scoop firmly with a spoon or fork.

Japanese cuisine series (melamine tableware, reinforced porcelain)

Japanese cuisine table series plus "Luxury" in "ease of use" "ease of eating" of universal tableware

Melamine tableware

Reinforced porcelain

Mug, soupball

Denden Mug

It is soft and light-weight series
It's easy to grasp, it's a feature that is hard to break. It can be piled up. The lid can be used as a sealing lid as it is, even if a straw is given if a hole is opened along the guide.

Spoon / fork (made of stainless steel / silicone rubber)

Even those who have difficulty in complex arm movements are spoons and forks with angles respectively for the right hand and the left hand so that you can scoop with simple motion.The possession has silicone gum and it is easy to grip. Also, even if it is placed on the table, it is hygienic since the tip does not touch directly. Disinfection cabinet can be used.

PP spoon


1. It is durable, light and easy to use polypropylene spoon.

2. It is easy to hold, has a high anti-slip shape.

Spoon part size 4 kinds

(See figure)

Handle part length 2 types


3 types of color



Dark Brown