Sanshin Kako is a leading manufacturer of dishes for school and hospitals meals

Sanshin Kako leads the industry with a wide variety of safe, innovative products of the highest quality.
It is proven by the fact that the dishes of Sanshin Kako are most frequently used for school and hospital meals in Japan We offer a large number of items that are different number of shape, material and size to cater to the unique needs of school, hospitals , care centers or company cafeterias.
The number of items amount to as many as 2000.

School Use

Plate(bread)■PNS-7E HNT
Bowl■PNB-31E HNT
Chopsticks■AH-180S O
Tray■SG-56 FP
Rice Bowl■PNB-30E CLO
Soup Bowl■PNB-27E TUS
Plate(partition)■PNS-23E CLO
Chopsticks■AH-180 GR
Tray■SG-56 FBL

Dish■PNS-24E BA
Bowl■PNB-28E BA
Milk cup■PNC-2E C
Tray■SE-13 FP
Rice Bowl■PNB-30E FWL
Soup Bowl■PNB-528E P
Plate■PNS-11E FWL
Chopsticks■AH-180 O
Tray■SE-10 FGR

Rice Bowl■PNB-31E C
Soup Bowl■PNB-30E C
Main Dish■PNS-17E C
Chopsticks■AH-195S AA
Tray■SG-56 FP
Rice Bowl■PB-231 MLD
Soup Bowl■PB-228 MLD
Plate(partition)■PS-123 MLD
Chopsticks■AH-180 GR
Tray■SG-56 FGR

Bowl■PB-231 YK
Plate■PS-107 YK
Milk Cup■PNC-2E C
Chopsticks■AH-195S O
Tray■SG-56 FP
Rice Bowl■MS-2118 KON
Soup Bowl■MB-2130 KON
Chopsticks■AH-180 G
Tray■SG-52 FYE

Rice Bowl■KB-898 MK
Soup Bowl■PNB-530E TUS
Main Dish■KS-893 MK Chopsticks■AH-185X C
Tray■SG-56 FPU
Rice Bowl■GKB-69 MGR
Soup Bowl■GKB-68 MGR
Main Dish■GKS-34 MGR Chopsticks■AH-185X C
Tray■SG-56 FGR

Rice Bowl■YB-706 TP
Soup Bowl■YB-771 TP
Main Dish■YS-7014 TP Chopsticks■AH-180 AA
Tray■SG-56 FP
Rice Bowl■PNB-524 BFM
Soup Bowl■PNB-522 BFM
Main Dish■PNS-14E BFM
Cup■PNC-2E C
Tray■SE-13 FYE

Main Dish■PNS-15E FPN
Soup Bowl■PNB-522E FPN
Spoon■38SP O
Rice Bowl■PNS-314E ANI
Soup Bowl■PNS-524E TUS
Mug Cup■UPC-250 G
Tray■SE-13 FW

Rice Bowl■PNB-26E BA
Soup Bowl■PNS-524E TUS
Plate■PNS-21E BA
Milk Cup■PNC-2E P
Rice Bowl■PB-226E DG
Soup Bowl■PB-228 DG
Plate■PS-115 DG
Mug Cup■PPC-200 NKS

Rice Bowl■MB-8 GF
Soup Bowl■MB-50 GF
Mini Plate■MS-14 GF
Mug Cup■MC-18 GF
Soup Bowl■MB-2 WSS
Mini Plate■MB-632 WSS
Mug Cup■MC-19 WSS
Tray■SG-52 FYE

Rice Bowl■YB-111 FU
Soup Bowl■YB-3 FU
Dish■YS-39 FU
Cup■YC-181 FU
Rice Bowl■YB-111 MAKA
Soup Bowl■YB-2 MAKA
Plate■YS-55 MAKA
Mug Cup■YC-166 MAKA

Rice Bowl■YB-111 W
Soup Bowl■YB-3 LTY
Plate■YB-13 LTY
Mug Cup■YC-11 W
Rice Bowl■YB-2 LTP
Soup Bowl■YB-3 LTP
Plate■YB-13 LTP Cup
■YC-13 LTP