Sanshin Kako is a leading manufacturer of dishes for school and hospitals meals

Sanshin Kako leads the industry with a wide variety of safe, innovative products of the highest quality.
It is proven by the fact that the dishes of Sanshin Kako are most frequently used for school and hospital meals in Japan We offer a large number of items that are different number of shape, material and size to cater to the unique needs of school, hospitals , care centers or company cafeterias.
The number of items amount to as many as 2000.

Arcadia, which was launched as a forerunner of optimum temperature service for meals, consists of "Thermos Arcadia (PEN)", "Arcadia (made by Polypro)", "Arcadia lacquerware (super heat resistant ABS)", There is a track record.
The reliable heat retention performance by the insulation material enclosing structure, the good workability, the good usability are highly evaluated, and we have patronized from many customers.

Arcadia (made of polypropylene) / Arcadia lacquerware (super heat resistant ABS made)

Achievements for 27 years with insulated tableware
We have patrons in over 3,000 hospitals and so on.

Features of Arcadia/Arcadia lacquerware

Functional design
We thinned the edge of tableware, it made smart and easy to eat. Further lightweight design makes handling and workability excellent.
Insulated tableware with insulation material
Heat insulation was used, and the heat retaining power was greatly enhanced.
Rich items
You can choose according to the application from among abundant colors, patterns, shapes of affordable Arcadia and luxurious Arcadia lacquer ware. Thermos Arcadia (made by PEN)

Thermos Arcadia (made of PEN)

Improvement of heat retention
The heat retaining power has further improved.
Preheat gives even higher insulation power.
Capacity intact, compact design
Since the wall thickness of the entire dishware is thin and the height when setting the lid is low, it is easy to put it in and out of the serving car.
Stacking (stacking) is good, and it has excellent storage properties.
Excellent cleansing performance
The buoyancy decreased to 1/3 of conventional products. Approximately 90% of the dish volume is sunk in water, so immersion washing can be done more effectively.
* In the case of products with a picture, please avoid using chlorine bleach.
There is no coloring stain due to food materials
PEN resin (polyethylene naphthalate) is a material that is strong against oils, acids, alkalis, etc. without coloring stains due to food materials.

● It is a resin that is used for various beverage bottles, jams, jelly containers, cosmetic containers, etc.
※ Please avoid using the microwave oven.