Sanshin Kako is a leading manufacturer of dishes for school and hospitals meals

Sanshin Kako leads the industry with a wide variety of safe, innovative products of the highest quality.
It is proven by the fact that the dishes of Sanshin Kako are most frequently used for school and hospital meals in Japan We offer a large number of items that are different number of shape, material and size to cater to the unique needs of school, hospitals , care centers or company cafeterias.
The number of items amount to as many as 2000.

It is the world's first dish which adopted PEN resin (polyethylene naphthalate). It is a material that is used for various bottles, jam containers, jelly containers, cosmetic containers, etc., and also recyclable.

Winsom series

"E-epocal" developed pursuing safety thoroughly is the first dish we have adopted PEN resin (polyethylene naphthalate) as our tableware for lunch. It is outstandingly strong against colored stains from foods that tend to be problematic with plastic tableware, and it is not affected by ingredients of foods and acids / alkalis. We also overcome the weak point of "easy to scratch" of plastic dishes by applying grain processing (special irregularity processing).

Features of PEN dishware

It is safe dishware that you can use with confidence

It does not use additives and there are no substances to dissolve in water or oil.In addition, we do not use any materials that are suspected of safety, such as environmental hormones, even for heat resistant reinforcement materials.

Excellent heat resistance

There is excellent heat resistance that you can use with confidence in hot air storage and no deformation due to heat will occur.

Disinfection of sodium hypochlorite (chlorine bleach) is possible

Norovirus can be completely inactivated.

There is no coloring stain due to food materials

Not only ginseng and grated ginger but also coloration due to tomato ketchup, curry, watermelon etc. which tends to be problematic.

Excellent cleaning performance

It is suitable for automatic supply equipment because it sinks in water, it has good dip cleaning properties and has good dimensional stability.The grain also adopted a good size of dirt falling.

It is excellent in chemical resistance

It is not attacked by acid, alkali, oil, limonene (ingredients contained in citrus peel)

Can be recycled

It is a recyclable material considering the environment in the future.Part of the eco-friendly dish "Public Series" uses recycled raw materials of PEN resin tableware.

High safety

It is a highly safe product that passed the hygiene test.

Confirmation certificate of voluntary standards such as polyolefin etc Sanitation council.Pass the examination examination by the Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare Notification No. 201 Heisei era 2006

There is no worry of peeling or decoloring the pattern

It is a highly safe product that passed the hygiene test.

The pattern has a sandwich structure to print between double molded (two layer structure) resin and resin. Therefore, chopsticks and spoons, peeling by washing and decolorization do not keep beauty long. Also, the served food will not come into direct contact with the ink.